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Ami Jade Cadillac is an internationally acclaimed director and producer with 25 years experience in the arts, entertainment and events industries.

She is also Founder and MD of Lavish Design producers of ‘theatrical experiences’ and contemporary music, arts and performance productions around the world.

AJC has a passion for creating in a collaborative fashion and on a large scale, also for multi discipline, multi medium and multi cultural fusion works. She is a key creative and curator of the award winning Music & Arts Festival Latitude and has been involved since its inauguration.

Her creative involvement in other festivals and events over the years made Ami increasingly aware of the huge amounts of waste generated by the Entertainment industries. In 2013 AJC founded RAW and created a hugely successful pilot project with the Glasgow Sculpture Studios which they staged at Scotland’s largest music festival T In The Park.

The creation of RAW was born out of AJC’s passion for art and for creativity through the use of unusual mediums & practices, for large-scale high impact artworks that can sit out side of the standard gallery context to reach out and connect to a much larger & more varied audience & also a strong overarching drive to reduce event waste. She has a strong social, ecological and ethical agenda.


“One of the highlights of my work is the opportunity to collaborate with other talented people. Clever, expert people who can conceive and turn wonderful ideas into certain reality. Ami Cadillac burns brightly amongst all of them. She’s absurdly accomplished as an artiste in her own right and this for me lies at the heart of her great ability as a creative and artistic director.

She is in the unique position of thoroughly understanding every facet of what she creates. She writes and creates with great insight into how everything will come together. That's a rare ability.”

James Hodges, Global Creative Director, Ivory Worldwide


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