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Following a very successful pilot in 2013 wherein Lavish designed a produced a giant skull installation (Thirsty GOD) made by the prestigious Glasgow Sculpture Studios for Scotland’s largest music Festival T in the Park, in May 2014 the Arctic Monkeys became the first people to officially support RAW.

RAW’s mother company Lavish were delighted when the Arctic Monkeys
directly commissioned them to design a series of scenic art and iconic elements to personalise their Finsbury Park shows & to complement their stunning stage set & performances.

Following the success of this collaboration the Arctic Monkeys kindly agreed to support RAW in arranging with Festival Director Melvin Benn for their entire set to be recycled & to become a part of the unique Latitude Festival environmental décor, thus eliminating any scenic waste following the Arctic Monkeys shows & also giving the art work further amplification & creative scope.

A great launch to the RAW project, with many thanks to the Arctic Monkeys.

raw supporters
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